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The birth of Paimon

Always wondered how we make a Pentacle?

The first thing we do is make a connection with the work we are going to make. This is essential because this is the heart of the work. When I sit my shop, I meditate for a couple of minutes and then I start with the first draft.


According to The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, Paimon is one of the Kings of Jinnestan, more obedient to Lucifer than other kings are, and has two hundred (one hundred to other authors) legions of demons under his rule. He has a great voice and roars as soon as he comes, speaking in this manner for a while, until the conjurer compels him and then he answers clearly the questions he is asked. When the conjurer invokes this demon he must look towards the northwest (the west to other authors), for there is where he has his house, and when Paimon appears he must be allowed to ask what he wishes and be answered, in order to obtain the same from him.

Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy and sciences, and secret things; he can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, what the mind is, and everything the conjurer wants to know, gives good familiars, dignities and confirms them, binds men to the conjurer’s will.

If Paimon is cited alone, some offering or sacrifice must be done, and he will accept it; then two kings called Beball (Bebal or Labal) and Abalam (Abalim) will go to him together with other spirits, often twenty-five legions; but these other spirits do not always come unless the conjurer call upon them.


I draw the image on the pentacle with a felt-tip pen. I do this by hand while looking at the image in the book. During this proces I go into a deep meditation. I slowly start to engrave the lines with my burin.

It takes time to make beautiful lines that do the image justice.


I make sure that all the lines are engraved in the Pentacle. As you can see in the photo.


After engraving all the lines and polish the Pentacle. I make sure I thank the spirts for helping me engrave this beautiful piece of Art. After carefully packing this Pentacle will find his way to the new owner.

Buy one for yourself

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About us

My name is Parusha (Peter van Suijlekom) and I’m from the Netherlands. At this shop, you can order all kind of magical items I make. Every piece is unique. Mainly Pentacles, pendants and seals/sigils. I’m a practitioner of the Magical Arts for about 24 years. I’m a practicing Alchemist as well. I was and am involved in different magical and mystical orders and received my alchemical training from different private teachers and now I have a A.’.A.’. Clerk House in the Netherlands. The is the first one in history (‘Heru Ra Ha Clerk’ House). I received teachings and practices from the East and the West. I discovered that Alchemy and the making of magical items are really my passion and that I yield very interesting results on many levels.

My Path is the sum of all those different schools from the East and the West and coming together in the Art of Alchemy and Magick. Versatility has its strength and weaknesses. I decide to pick up the positive side of it. All other means I’ve learned are part of my magical toolbox in order to accomplish what we call ‘the Great Work’. One is All, All in One.

As result of my Work I made pentacles for my personal Work and they resonated perfectly with my Work. I worked hard to master the technique of engraving and the pentacles became more beautiful one after the other. Because the pentacles where so in harmony with my work, people around me asked if I could make one for them as well. So, I did! The people who received a pentacle from me, wrote that they benefited as well. It made me feel very grateful.

My goal is to make sure you have an item that is precious to you. I make pentacles for the serious adapt or those who are aware of the energetic value of those items and make an instant spiritual connection with them.

The pentacles are Artefacts they are crafted on the perfect hour of the day and most of them are made when the moon is waxing so they are charged with the proper energies.

Besides engraving I love writing, you can find my blog here.

I make the items attuned to the costumers need and small varieties and adjustments can be made in order to let it work for you. This also means that it takes time to make the items.

Thank you very much for taking interest and support of my Artwork. If you want to get in touch contact me.

Kindest regards,