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An incredible testimonial

I am so proud what my dear friend and costumer had to say about what we do. This is why we do it!!

Sometimes there are unseen entities, energies and forces that block our communication, flow and ability to move forward. We may need assistance, protection and support that’s customized and specialized to our individual needs. When choosing the correct signal it’s wise to only work with those you trust and with years of experience in the Arts and more importantly, those who have done the inner work required to purely handle such powerful frequencies. I have personally experienced and witnessed the power of Ancient Artifacts signals and have auspiciously benefited from their use when I had a block in flow of energies and needed extra protection and support. These guys are the real McCoy. Peter (Parusha) and Marcelle knew exactly what was needed. My customized prescription was quickly delivered inside a lovely package. The craftsmanship of my sigils was exquisite and the power and force and the speed of their effects utterly remarkable. Because of the level of knowledge, impeccability and intimacy required to perform this sacred work I trust no one else for the prescription and craft of my signals and seals. Lady Lark – Lotus Alchemy